Monday, November 29, 2010

Finallly coming to about Reconstruction for me

I have been bitten by the cancer bug for the past 10 years. I have had 2 reoccurences , going thru chemo time and time again. I am know finally after 7 years deciding on going thru with reconstruction.
I was unable to with my first bout go straight to reconstruction. My doctors ordered me to go straight to chemo and radiation, and I felt a need to at the time take their direction. So I did.
After dealing with a double mastectomy, and the healing of that, I could only think of getting as far away from anything I could of had to do with cancer or hospitals or doctors etc. etc.etc.
Honestly, I was still married at the time and my husband did not seem to care which made it easier for me to decide to let it go for now. So I did.
Three years later and now after my second reoccurence I am looking at the possibility of getting new breasts finally, Reconstruction. I have to say there is so much to learn about the subject, and everyone is different, body type, etc. Even doctors have different ideas of how to do it depending on how your body is shaped.
I have very little skin on my left side, it is so tight due to surgery and scar tissue , and on my right side alot more skin, a little fat, so I would imagine it will be different.
I am not afraid of the surgery but a little anxious on how it may look in the end.
I will keep you posted on my research and when it all comes to fruition.
Keep posted for now, it is a whole new ballgame from here, a whole new world will open up I am sure.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How much an animal can warm your heart !!

I am dog sitting this week, and I have to tell you it is so comforting to my soul , to be able to help someone and to be able to spend my week with this little angel of a creature. She is half pomeranian and half chinese chin, with little white booties as paws. She is adorable and her name is Chloe which fits her perfectly. I had a golden for 14 years , she passed on a year ago, and I have to say I miss her soo sooo much. I felt bad at times, because sometimes she could be a demanding dog, not really , but i thought so, and all she ever wanted was to be loved. So simple a request. She would do anything you asked, and she just wanted love back. So sometimes I do feel a bit bad for not having the patience she deserved. But I know she knew we loved her. And know being with Chloe , it feels so good , animals are amazing creatures, so loving and unconditional. So lucky to be able to have this job, which gives me so much joy.

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